April 30, 2005

7:00 PM

Sunset Restaurant in Malibu


We invite you to come and celebrate Sean’s memory in a wonderful evening surrounded by over fifty paintings from Patrick Matthews.  The Sunset Restaurant is a beautiful restaurant right on Westward Beach in Malibu. The artist will be there to showcase his themes of Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, France, Mexico and most recently, the southern California Coast.  Proceeds from each painting purchase will go to Sean’s Fund. 


Sean’s Day 2005 will be the Third Fundraiser

for the Sean Michael Matthews Foundation

Sean Michael Matthews, the second son of Kelley Didion and Mike Matthews and Ryan Matthews’ brother, died in a drowning accident on July 31, 1997.   In 1998 and 1999, Kelley and Mike hosted the first two Sean’s Days, golf tournaments and auction dinners, raising funds for the Sean Michael Matthews Foundation (Sean’s Fund).  Sean’s Fund is administered by the California Community Foundation and is a registered 501c3  non-profit agency.  Over the last seven years, Sean’s Fund has distributed over $25,000 in scholarships and nearly $20,000 to the Sean Matthews Children’s Selection at the Malibu Public Library.  The purpose of Sean’s Day 2005 is to celebrate Sean’s life and Sean’s memory, to raise funds for Sean’s Fund, to raise funds for one of Sean’s friends, Dr. Neil Schmidt, whose recent death was a tragic loss to youth in Southern California, and to do so through the amazing artwork of J. Patrick Matthews, Sean’s uncle and a prominent new artist featured in galleries in Santa Fe and Aspen.


J. Patrick Matthews

Featured Artist of Sean’s Day 2005



Pat Matthews is a man with a taste for the great outdoors. He braves bitter weather, blinding sun, and all the other little irritations necessary to interpret the wilderness location he is painting. There is a unique sense of immediacy about Matthew’s work. In an intense dialogue of the visual language which is totally his, he speaks in intense color, texture, and expansive height and distance.

“Painting outdoors in all seasons, surrounded by nature, I am energized. I have a sense of inner strength, joy, and peace I feel nowhere else. My very vision changes and images appear on my canvases as though put there by some mysterious force.”

Matthews’ successful career as an architect, with an impressive list of commercial projects and custom homes to his credit, has given him a structural foundation which is reflected in his passionate renderings of natural settings. His sense of architectural form speaks volumes in his ability to render the landscape in strong, simple strokes. He sometimes paints with a brush in both hands to keep his strokes fresh and varied. His unique perspectives make his subjects resonate with a visceral impact rarely experienced.

His use of color is always a process of discovery. His fearless renderings impart a sense of vitality and immediacy of structure and sparkle. Color is laid on with thick intensity. His aim is to get it right the first time so that it does not have to be reworked. In his luminous paintings of woods and mountains it is easy to feel the energy he draws from the landscape and his unleashed joy of working in the great out-of-doors.

Matthews’ career is built on native talent, but the other secret of his success as a painter is plain hard work. He treats painting as his job. Early in the morning he is on the road seeking majestic corners of all the western landscape has to offer. His vitality in his interaction with the place is always the life force of his work.




Where to see more of Pat’s Work:

· (The gallery in Santa Fe where Pat Matthews is their best selling artist.)

· (Pat’s own website, filled with examples of his work and some articles written about him and his work.

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